Guest Speaker:

Uncensored: Diversity in Geek Culture with Jamila Rowser at University, of Nevada Las Vegas



New York Comic Con 2014: ‘Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender and the Comic Book Medium’

IGGPPCamp 2014: Geeks of Color Panel (Video)’s Blogger Breakfast Panel

Find & Follow Your Passion Panel

Living In Sequence Women in Comics Panel (Article)

Florida SuperCon: Geek Fashion Panel


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Interviews & Features:

TIDAL- Straight Outta Gotham: When Hip-Hop and Geek Culture Collide

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G33King Out- G33king Out For Girl Gone Geek

Reed This Please- Interview with the Girl Gone Geek

CRÈME MAG- Geeks for Girls

Distracted Blogger- It’s Totally A Day Job: Interview with the Geek Girl Brunch Founders

Nefertiti Bourne Youtube: Another Typical Halloween Story…